Monday, March 27, 2006

The Inscrutable Kalikesam

- M Sumith -

Kalikesam and neighbouring Vattaparai falls are some miraculous sites in Bhoothapandi village of Kanyakumari district, the southern cape of Indian sub-continent. Kalikesam is an ever fascinating place for picnic lovers. It helps the people to spend their holidays for refreshment and enjoyment.
Kalikesam is unique in that it is a conjuction of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem-the shola forest where the trees are evergreen, the main forest and the marshy swamps. Inside the deep and thick area, we can see the abundance of God’s blessings which are breath taking. The peace and calmness of the forest makes the viewers astonished. As we drive in to the interior of Kalikesam fall, the air is thick. The whole breeze acts as a balm while the bubbling sound of natural springs is a music to the ears. The place gets plenty of rainfall and enjoys pleasant weather round the year.
The fall is surrounded by forest on all sides and forms part of an active animal corridor. The long stream is pollution-free and adds to the natural charm of the place. Unlike the Tripparappu fall, which has become a typical tourist spot,here people are allowed to take ‘natural bath’. The place is depicted by spectacular flora and fauna. Apart from assorted flora and fauna, the region has grown in to a bird watcher’s heaven. The surrounding rocks, the pebbles inside the stream and the sunlight penetrating through the cleaves of dark green trees give everyone the feeling that” we have reached the eternity. ”
It is believed that the water from the fall has some medicinal effects. The tourists who visit here have a variety of choices from the virtue of natural untouched places. Kalikesam has a serpantine beauty which never lost the people’s attention.
There is a small temple, next to the fall. They used to worship the idol of ‘Goddess Kali.’ The very name Kalikesam expresses this. People need not take arduous journey to reach Kalikesam since the road is motorable.
On the way to Kalikesam, there is another eye-catching sight. It is Vattaparai fall. This place also makes the visitors amazed. People can reach this place without any difficulty.It is 35 kilometer away from Kanyakumari. The water from Kalikesam continuously flows through Vattaparai and makes the viewers happy.
With strict”no littering and noise” instructions, a trip to Kalikesam is like paying homage to nature nature. One can never see this place as empty. As the years have passed, Kalikesam became more and more famous. Most of the visitors are youngsters. They used to gather here to drink alcohol. It becomes a conspicuous hindrance to other visitors. For preventing such problems, the government has formed a check post at Bhoothapandi, the entrance to the forest. Nobody can trespass in the forest, after the protection has been made. Only after checking, people can go inside.
No visitor has returned in the tourism history of Kalikesam, without remarking about this kind blessing of God almighty. The visitors comment Kalikesam is a” gift of God”.


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